On November 6th, Navy Veteran Joshua Macias and Army Veteran Antonio LaMotta went to volunteer in Pennsylvania to help ensure the integrity of the election. They were instead greeted by a politically motivated Democrat District Attorney.

These patriots were charged with a crime because their conceal carry permits UNKOWINGLY to them were no longer recognized in Pennsylvania as of 2018 due to a law change.

Their bail was set at an excessive $750,000 to send a message to Republicans and American patriots. We only need $75,000 to free Joshua and we are half-way there.

We started to raise money on GoFund Me but they removed the campaign due to it violating their left-leaning policy and guidelines. That is after we raised over $18,000 ALL of which was reimbursed back to donors. We are now starting again from $0 but are using the Christian crowdfunding site GiveSendGo to raise money through.

Please make a donation to bring them home to their families. If you’d like to stay up to date, you can add your email to our mailing list by clicking donate now and enter your email by clicking ‘Pray Now’
As Joshua’s wife, I never thought I would be in a position of MONEY vs. FREEDOM. The day Joshua left for Philadelphia we prayed for his protection in the city. If you have met my husband you know how much he loves America and supporting the veterans in this country. His only intention going up to Philly was to oversee the ballot counting during the election. He went to practice his first amendment by gathering peacefully outside the convention center. He also went practicing his second amendment caring his firearm. My husbands only interest was to protect himself and other American men and women from other hate groups that may have put other lives at risk. My husband served in the Navy willing to die for the freedom of others and now he’s being kept and a cell without seeing his attorney for the past two weeks. We are scared as a family and need all your love support and most importantly all your prayers. Me, Joshua and my three boys are eternally grateful for anything that you can donate to help bail him out of jail. Please help our family! His future depends on it! 

Forever Grateful, Renae Macias